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About me
Sarah Hunter

Growing up on a farm, I have always been interested in nature and the environment and have gardened all my life.  


I started working in scientific research and then went on to become a teacher, eventually ending up in conservation and outdoor education roles.

In 2017 I started growing flowers to sell. I wanted to give people a choice about how their flowers were produced and in doing so create a haven for wildlife.


Keeping the Plot is now on a two-acre site in the East Neuk of Fife, growing beautiful flowers and foliage that have a positive impact on the environment.

We are now a team of five including Neill, Pam, Nev and of course Hebe.

Drone shot 2022 1.png

About our flowers

Seasonal, grown without chemicals

At Keeping the Plot, everything we do is guided by care and respect for the environment. This means using agro-ecological and organic principles, farming without the use of chemicals. Unlike industrial growers we also don’t use artificial heat or light.

Our philosophy leads us to embrace biodiversity as an
integral part of the production process: not an obstacle to be overcome. Working with nature’s rhythms presents challenges for any grower - as well as immense potential rewards.

Our flowers are always supplied in home compostable wrappings or recycled buckets, never in single use plastic. We make our own compost, use cover crops and apply ‘no dig’ methods to ensure that our soil is healthy, stable and rich in life. Our wildflower meadow provides a haven for bees and other insects each growing season. Since all of our flowers are grown on our farm, they have 5% of the carbon footprint associated with imported flowers. 

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